Our Services
At Holistic HR we provide a wide range of services to both individuals and companies. The below services provide an overview of what we can assist you with, but do feel free to contact us for more information 
to see how we can tailor-make solutions for you. 

At Holistic HR Solutions we:

  • – Improve current processes and efficiencies, or assist in implementing where these do not exist;
  •  Conduct HR audits and make recommendations based on findings;
  •  Assist companies that are not able to manage the workload or pressure of HR demands;
  •  Consult and facilitate all aspects of people management from recruiting, to talent development and disciplinary action;
  •  Curate and draft policies, procedures, contracts as well as a code of conduct as part of your formal HR business plan;
  •  Implement effective payroll solutions;
  •  Devise and execute strategies that meet your business goals, and
  •  Other HR needs as needed by the individual or company.


A comprehensive overview of our services:

  • Project HR
  • Ø Compliance audits with recommendations
  • Ø Support when there is increased pressure on HR deliverables
  1. Ø  Implement, review or monitor HR Metrics
  2. Ø  Curate and draft documents which include:
  3.               Company policies
  4.            SOP’s (standard operating procedures)
  5.            Employment contracts
  6.            Job descriptions
  7.            Company and department organograms
  8.            Agreements regarding the use of Company assets
  • Ø  Support with employee terminations
  • Ø  Analyse costs and workforce capacity
  • Ø  Conduct climate surveys to gauge the health of the organisation
  • Ø  Facilitate workplace forums
  • Ø  Chairing of grievance hearings


  • Recruitment
  • Ø  Permanent placements
  • Ø  Support with the following recruitment processes:
  •           Drafting job specifications
  •              Posting advertisements
  •              Interviewing for a high caliber employee
  •            Facilitating pre-employment checks and assessments
  •              Drafting offer of employment letters
  •              Developing an induction booklet and schedule
  •              Completing a recruitment pack
  •                 Onboarding new employees
  • Ø  Support with the following probationary review processes:
  •              Building assessment tools and procedures
  •              Chairing probationary review meetings
  • Ø  Temporary labour and functional outsourcing solutions


  • Performance Management
  • Ø   Build Company goals and objectives
  • Ø  Promote core organisational values and behaviours
  • Ø  Advocate an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Ø  Provide solutions to bridge the gap between employee performance and business objectives
  • Ø  Develop Employee KPI’s that enable business vision
  • Ø  Implement and manage a performance management process (online tool available)
  • Ø  Develop incentive structures and agreements
  • Ø  Chairing of incapacity enquiries related to performance 


  • Payroll 

  • Ø  Outsourced Payroll
  •              Process transactions
  •         Reconcile payroll and submit reports to the Client
  •         Releasing EFT’s and payslips to employees
  •              Fulfill SARS obligations and EMP requirements
  •              Assist with SARS audits
  •              Provide support with the administration of benefits
  • Ø  Payroll Support 
  •              Improve processes and efficiencies
  •              Implement employee work schedules
  •              Recommend ways to monitor and decrease overtime
  •         Payroll audit function
  •         Review increase and bonus processes
  •         Manage leave schedules, policy and balances
  • .
  • Statutory Reporting

  • Ø  Assist in ensuring Employment Equity compliance
  • Ø  Support with the SETA which includes:
  •               WSP/ATR preparation and submission
  •               Facilitate skills development meetings
  •               Leverage the SETA’s offerings
  • Ø  Support with Workmen’s Compensation to: 
  •                Calculate and submit the Employers return of earnings
  •                Submit Injury on Duty (IOD) claims 


  • Industrial Relations
  • Ø  Chairing disciplinary enquiries
  • Ø  Review employee appeals to sanctions imposed
  • Ø  Draft a company disciplinary code
  • Ø  Provide templates and administrative support for warnings, notices and disciplinary enquiries
  • Ø  Advise on the appropriate sanction for misconduct as well as the process of building evidence to support a case


  • Training

  • Ø  Customised one-on-one or group training on:   
  •          Management and Leadership
  •               Industrial Relations
  •               Standard Operating Procedures within the business
  •               Respecting colleagues and Sexual Harassment
  •          Diversity in the workplace
  • Ø  Facilitate training, learnerships and skills programs


  • Employee Wellbeing

  • Ø  Facilitate team building initiatives and customised programs to strengthen teams
  • Ø  Facilitate health days and programs
  • Ø  Conduct culture surveys


  • People Support

  • Ø  HR crash course and mentoring to provide holistic practical HR training and support
  • Ø  Assist in completing and submitting employee SARS income tax returns
  • Ø  Personal Coaching to Managers and HR employees
  • Ø  Domestic Employee support which includes: 
  •             Recruitment documentation
  •             UIF registrations and declarations                  
  •            Drafting counselling or warning documents 
  •             Support in terminating domestic employees